Parker Phastite Installation

Phastite is a breakthrough in tube fitting connection systems; its innovative design concept eliminates the costly requirement of welding and combines quick installation with a single assembly process achieving a tube connector that can be used in applications up to 20,000 psi/1380 bar.


Parker Phastite Features & Benefits

For decades engineers all over the world have had to rely on either cone and thread or welded tube fittings when working with high pressures



Snap Track is not a traditional ladder type or channel type cable tray but rather a unique limited width, ventilated bottom channel tray, intended to be used as an alternative to conduit, typically 2 inch and below.


Parkrimp1 Hose Assembly

Informational and support video for users of Parker's ParKrimp 1 system for hose assembly.  This fully contained krimper is a member of the easiest to use hose assembly family of tools available.


Make secure connections in less than seven seconds with Viega press technology.  Whether you're joining copper, stainless, black iron pipe or PEX tubing, Viega press systems provide the same reliable connections.