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This is the tool that has been missing for any installers of compression fittings!  Now you do not have to remove cross threaded fittings. You can repair "in-situ". The KnechtionRepair is a specially designed Patented tool that repairs both internal and external threads of industrial standard double ferrule compression fittings.  With its uniquely designed holder and hollow bore tap, damaged threads on compression fittings are easily repaired. With KnechtionRepair tools from Team Technical these repairs are quickly and easily made right at the connection location, saving time, money and labor hours!

Team Technical is the Authorized Distributor for Knechtion Repair Tools

250TDK 1

The color coded tools are 100% Manufactured in the USA. Both the taps and dies are precision ground from heat treated tool steel. Further, the tool steel taps and dies are TiN coated for durability and protection. The holders and pilots are manufactured from 7075 Aluminum and CNC machined. After machining, the finished holders and pilots are anodized in different colors for easy and quick identification. The tools are then packaged in a clear plastic container for clean, efficient storage.

Please watch the video below for a demonstration of how easy this tool is to use!

Tap and Die Kits 


We are packaging these kits either by individual sizes or complete sets.  Order TDK-4681012 for a complete range of sizes - 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" 5/8" & 3/4"

You can also order individual sizes to meet your requirements:

250 TDK-1 / 375 TDK-1 / 500 TDK-1 / 625 TDK-1 / 750 TDK-1 / 1000 TDK-1

Each kit comes with carrying case as well as container of Tap Magic cutting oil and Nickel Plate Anti-Seize




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