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Team Technical Industries

Team Technical understands that each industry has specific fluid management requirements. Team Technical’s large inventory of instrumentation process control products combined with our extensive technical expertise ensure demanding processing operations will get the right solution for their application. Together, we will drive productivity and profitability, no matter the challenges your application may present.


Power generation applications demand reliable industrial equipment. Team Technical’s process equipment and instrumentation solutions meet the highest demands for performance while maximizing efficiencies for your power-generation process.


The industrial process experts at Team Technical understand how important it is to avoid unplanned downtime at water and wastewater treatment plants. Our rugged instrumentation technologies are engineered to keep Florida’s water management processes flowing.


Team Technical’s industrial process experts are familiar with the aggressive conditions inherent to chemical processing. This expertise ensures selection of instrumentation and control technologies that will enhance fluid management for phosphate- and other chemical-processing plants.


Precise measuring and control are essential to consistent productivity, quality and profitability in food and beverage processing. Team Technical’s best-in-class and cost-effective instrumentation technologies and process equipment answer the needs of today’s strict hygienic applications.


Team Technical specializes in providing technically sophisticated components and equipment for the life sciences industry. Our longstanding relationships with bio-pharm manufacturers and OEMs have given us a depth of understanding of high purity and sterile manufacturing environments.


Production losses can significantly compromise profit margins in the volume-driven pulp and paper industry. The instrumentation and process equipment from Team Technical are engineered to ensure pulp and paper operations realize reliable, efficient processing and consistent production rates.

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Team Technical has developed an extensive product offering through partnerships with industry leading manufacturers. With extensive experience in valve & fittings, count on us to meet your needs while improving your facility’s operation and efficiency.