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Munters Provides Optimal Environmental Conditions Througout the Production Process

Munters HCD and ICA series modular dehumidifiers and air handlers provide end users the essential dehumidification functions throughout the production process. Customers can integrate the desiccant dehumidifier into their own processes or air conditioning systems, or additional modules can be combined to make an HCD Plus.

The pharmaceutical dehumidification process

1. Dry Storage

Year-round stable humidity control in dry storage areas will prevent condensation, improve powder flow and reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

2. Cleanroom & R&D

Everything in a cleanroom needs to be accounted for and within specification, and that includes the air. Without proper humidity control, the exterior climate can affect the room conditions.

3. Drying

To ensure that excipients and APIs can be continuously and reliably blended, you need to have the right balance of moisture so the granulating mixture remains in equilibrium with the air around it.

4. Weighing, Mixing, Granulating

Everything in a cleanroom needs to be accounted for and within specifi cation, and that includes the air. Without proper humidity control, the exterior climate can affect the room conditions.

5. Milling & Compressing/ Tableting

Maintaining the specified humidity set point will result in higher production throughput, reduced energy consumption, and improved dosing accuracy.

6. Coating

Avoid coating problems like roughness/orange peel, blistering, hazing, sticking and picking, and erosion by selecting and supplying the right drying conditions.

7. Vaccines & Parenteral

Biologics, vaccines and parenteral product quality all rely on a clean, controlled manufacturing area. The presence of excessive humidity (>70% Relative Humidity (RH)) increases the potential for microbial growth. Humidity control also reduces drying time after cleaning operations.

8. Packaging

During blow fill seal packaging, condensation on cold surfaces can lead to surface imperfections that affect appearance and structural integrity. Controlling the dew point of the air around the packaging during this process can prevent this from happening.

9. Storage

Providing low humidity air to cold storage areas prevents ice, frost and fog. After production, dried capsule shells are vulnerable to the effects of humidity fluctuations, compromising mechanical strength and appearance. A stable climate during packing and storage avoids these risks.

Other areas that benefit from climate control

Test Strips

The sensitive chemicals used for test strips need protection from moisture during production and storage. Providing the optimal humidity conditions through these production stages allows the end product to work as expected.


Air within airlocks serves as a critical barrier between production zones. The optimal number of air changes coupled with humidity controlled air, reduces particle counts and reduces latent temperature loads on surrounding areas.

Pass Through Cabinets (PTS's)

PTCs need the right air treatment solution to maintain integrity of the adjoining zones. Using the same air handling specifications as neighboring airlocks reduces the moisture load within the cleanroom.

Corridors Anterooms

Controlling the air conditions in adjoining corridors and anterooms contributes to reducing the moisture load within the freezer. These areas will also benefit from correct humidity control.

Medical Devices

Implantable and external devices need a carefully controlled climate during assembly, as reliability is a major concern. A Relative Humidity level of 50% or lower eliminates corrosion caused by water as a vapor or liquid.

Biological Samples & Products in Freezers

For temperatures of -25°C / -13°F, -70°C / -94°F, there is an ever-present threat of unwanted ice development. Control the humidity level, and the icing problem is eliminated.

Food & Beverage Industry Dehumidification Process

Munters provides precise climate control, from farm to fork

Munters ensures top product quality while saving energy and optimizing productivity. We want to make sure your facility maintains the ideal humidity level for your specific food and beverage application.

Munters has extensive experience in controlling climate conditions. By controlling the relative humidity, condensation can be prevented, and the growth of mold and fungus is greatly reduced. Leave it to Munters to create stable conditions all year round - your guarantee for reliable quality, less waste, and longer shelf life for your food and beverage products.

Common Food & Beverage Industries that Need Dehumidification


Breweries and Wineries

Fruits & Vegetables

Meat, Poultry & Fish



Dairy Processing


HCD Series Modular Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Modular desiccant dehumidifiers from Munters HCD Series are made to effectively reduce moisture levels. There are offered 300–12,000 CFM process airflows. Aluminum that has been thoroughly welded and strain-hardened makes up the unit casing, which ensures very little air leakage. NEC regulations are met by the electrical control system, and UL certification is an optional feature. All controls are housed in a NEMA 4 control cage, and the units are PLC controlled. These units' durable design allows them to be mounted both indoors and outdoors, giving you the freedom to put them anywhere in your building. The HCD Series comes with all the parts and controls needed to run a dehumidifier on its own.


Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) Series

Humidity control in construction or manufacturing is made easier with Munters Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) Series. You and your Munters sales engineer may design the ideal system for your application using sophisticated selection software.

Munters ICA is offered in a variety of configurations with processing capacities of up to 100,000 cfm and a reliable capacity to withstand harsh circumstances such a -40°F dew point. This system comes with a dehumidifier that has eleven rotor sizes and five different types of desiccant options, high-performance heating and cooling coils, a refrigeration package, supply and return HEPA filters, and the assurance that your system is made in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility and is NRTL approved to UL standards.


Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) with RightDry®

The Munters Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) with RightDry® offers more energy-efficient performance when dew points between 20°F and 40°F are required for your building or manufacturing process. Munters has achieved an improvement in energy efficiency of 10-15% compared to traditional desiccant dehumidifier systems by modifying the rotor design and reactivation circuit.

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